How to volunteer to teach North Korean refugees

“A thousand questions raced through my mind once I realized where she was from. I’ve been teaching English for a long time and I’ve met people from every part of the world. But I had never met a North Korean before. Hardly anyone has.”

For this piece I wrote for Korvia Consulting, I explained how I got started tutoring North Korean refugees while I was teaching English in South Korea.

An Xu: Artist profile

“An’s artwork reflects her unique perspective of life in the city. Vibrant colors draw out the primal passion each of us hides just beneath the surface. Strong brushstrokes through the digital paint give her work the impression of a sight seen through rain, or perhaps the last backwards glance at a memory before it flows away and out of reach.”

An Xu is an emerging artist, painting in an emerging medium. I wanted to craft an “About Me” page for her that expressed through words what her art expresses through color. We interviewed twice, I took the time to learn about her art, and we worked together to create the piece she needed.

Google Daydream Review

“I was nine years old when Nintendo Power sent me a VHS tape advertising the new Mario game on the N64. It blew my mind that you could control a character in such a fluid, 3D space. While watching the video, I remember actually turning to my friend and saying, ‘It’s too bad we’ll never get to try something as cool as that.’ Oh, if only I knew.”

I write about my early experience with Google’s VR headset, the Daydream, in this article for TeraDataRiver.