February 1, 2018


How to volunteer to teach North Korean refugees

“A thousand questions raced through my mind once I realized where she was from. I’ve been teaching English for a long time and I’ve met people from every part of the world. But I had never met a North Korean before. Hardly anyone has.”

For this piece I wrote for Korvia Consulting, I explained how I got started tutoring North Korean refugees while I was teaching English in South Korea.



Taking the terror out of teaching with tablets

“After a summer of working with the staff and students, I came to some conclusions that helped raise our customer satisfaction rating with technology classes from 60% to 85%. In case you are another teacher terrified of tablets, I want to share with you the three things that made the biggest difference.”

Today’s teachers grew up in an analog world and now find themselves teaching to a digital generation. Teaching with technology is necessary to prepare students for the future, but teachers have no model of how EdTech should work. As an early pioneer of teaching with technology, I wrote my experience on what works and what doesn’t.


Google Daydream Review

“I was nine years old when Nintendo Power sent me a VHS tape advertising the new Mario game on the N64. It blew my mind that you could control a character in such a fluid, 3D space. While watching the video, I remember actually turning to my friend and saying, ‘It’s too bad we’ll never get to try something as cool as that.’ Oh, if only I knew.”

I write about my early experience with Google’s VR headset, the Daydream, in this article for TeraDataRiver.