Contrast and Connections

  I come up with the idea for most of my blog posts while laying in bed trying to sleep. Something about the lack of responsibility, the lack of focus, frees my mind to wander and make connections. And writing is all about making connections. So here’s some connecting. This is an example of something Read more about Contrast and Connections[…]

North Korean People

I didn’t know she was North Korean when I first saw her. I mean, I had never met a North Korean before volunteering with TNKR—which stands for Teach North Korean Refugees—so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they would look more refugee-ish. People whose hardship urged them to risk their lives by running Read more about North Korean People[…]

Looking In From The Outside.

Damn, I miss American culture this time. I missed it last time too, but I didn’t know it. I had no clue what American culture was because I had nothing to compare it to. Then I spent two years living in Korea and, more importantly, three years watching cultures from almost every part of the Read more about Looking In From The Outside.[…]