A Whole New TheLegitSmit

We’re going to have a change of pace. Friends have been on my case because I haven’t posted recently. My response is that I’m busy with writing articles, volunteering, and my YouTube channel. While that is true, it’s only part of the truth.

The real issue is that the novelty of being out here has slipped into the normality of being out here. I leave for work at eight. I get home at five. I check Facebook and Youtube, then maybe get some McDonald’s or sushi. What’s there to talk about? Sure, a kid bowed to me instead of waving at me. Woohoo. Maybe I can spin that into a whole post.

The heart of a travel blog is learning about people. Something deep in readers wants to know “Are people there like people here?” The answer: Yeah, they are. My life out here is not that radically different from your life. I doubt life in any major city is much different. This isn’t bad. It’s comforting, really.

I strongly believe that a blog should have a theme and stick to it. But I believe even more strongly that I need to get on my ass and write, as theme-less as I may be. This brings us back to the beginning. We’re going to have a change of pace. 

I’m going to write once a week, and I’m not sure about what. There may not always be something I want to say about Korea, but dammit, I got a lot of things I want to say. Maybe a new direction will emerge for the blog. Maybe not. However, I can at least guarantee you this: The next two posts will hold your attention.

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